Criminal police activities throughout the counties of the country

Ten county police headquarters are responsible for the prevention, disclosure and investigation of criminal offences within their counties. With the view of conducting professional and well-qualified criminal intelligence, investigating a greater number of serious crimes and simplifying investigative procedures for less serious crimes, the criminal police underwent a fundamental reorganisation in 2013-2015. The reorganisation saw the establishment of intelligence units and information analysis divisions as well as consolidation of specialised criminal intelligence units, which, pursuing criminal intelligence and pre-trial investigations, investigate crimes falling within their competences, i.e. organised crime, crimes against property and economics, cybercrime and other serious, very serious, high-profile and recurrent crime.

Active and targeted criminal intelligence together with the concentration of serious and very serious crime investigations in county police headquarters, with the deployment there of officers with high-level capabilities for this purpose, has brought positive results: crimes committed by organised crime groups and criminal associations are being uncovered, reports on seizures of large quantities of narcotic substances constantly emerging in media and news on other solved high-profile crimes are regularly broadcast. Clearly defined strategic and priority trends enable to achieve outstanding results without wasting resources and concentrating the main efforts on the weakest points of the society.

Last updated: 27-11-2017