Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre

The majority of investigations would surely not be successful if not for high-quality forensic examinations. This important function is carried out by a specialised police agency – Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre (“LPFSC”) which, on 2007, was accredited in accordance with the recognised international Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Applying special knowledge and resorting to diverse forensic laboratory equipment, experts of LPFSC conduct laboratory-based examinations of the objects collected at crime scenes, investigate scenes of serious and very serious crimes and provide both expert and technical support in the pursuit of pre-trial investigations and prevention of criminal offences.

Moreover, the Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre manages Fingerprint and DNA databases and exchanges this data in fulfilling different international obligations of the Republic of Lithuania, such as cooperation in fighting terrorism and cross-border crime. LPFSC also administers the database of firearms, bullets and cartridge cases discovered at the scenes of unsolved crimes and fired using rifled firearms. LPFSC provides the services of testing weapons and issuing weapon deactivation certificates to institutions and individuals. Experts of the Centre also rely heavily on other forensic databases and data files for detecting crimes. Dog handlers, together with police dogs of the Dog Training Unit of LPFSC, not only ensure public order but are also a substantial help in solving crimes: the so-called detection dogs are used for carrying out odour-related examinations.

In addition, LPFSC has the duty to coordinate and control activities of forensic science units and dog handlers of the country’s ten territorial police agencies. It implements and helps local police agencies adopt new techniques for forensic examinations and organise procedures for acquiring specialist or expert competencies.

Last updated: 27-11-2017