International Most Wanted Campaign

Launched a the end of 2016, the international campaign “Most Wanted” joined the collective efforts of Europol, the European Network of Fugitive Active Search Team and law enforcement agencies of European countries seeking to track down dangerous fugitives appearing on the Europe’s Most Wanted list, who committed serious and very serious criminal offences.

As part of the campaign, the international law enforcement community are seeking the public’s assistance since in many cases publicity is a primary support contributing to the arrest of fugitives from justice. Since early 2016, on publishing the Europe’s Most Wanted list, 36 criminals in total have been arrested. At least 10 individuals from this list were detained as a direct result of reports and valuable information provided to police by the public and thanks to social media’s attention to publicising the “Most Wanted” campaign. Four fugitives surrendered themselves following the appearance of their names on the Most Wanted list.

More than 60 offenders appear on the Europe’s Most Wanted fugitives list. Murderers, kidnappers, terrorists, drugs traffickers, etc., are among them, all of them being either convicted or suspected of extremely serious crimes. They have killed or have irreversibly changed their victims and their family members’ lives. All of these criminals are currently on the run fleeing from responsibility and punishment. is the first initiative ever implemented involving all Europe, which established a common platform for the joint most wanted list. Citizens in the EU and beyond can provide useful information via the website, anonymously if preferred.

Last updated: 29-12-2017