Joint Action Days 2014. Operation “Archimedes”

The first operation “Archimedes” forming part of the so-called joint action days (JAD) saw the participation of law enforcement officers from all 28 EU Member States as well as from 6 non EU countries - Australia, Colombia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and the United States, in partnership with international organisations, such as Eurojust, Frontex and Interpol.

As part of the operation “Archimedes” coordinated by Europol, nine-day lasting collective efforts of police, customs and law other enforcement agencies, supported by live intelligence exchange, targeted a series of key crime areas, such as trafficking in human beings, synthetic drugs, cocaine and heroin trafficking, illicit firearms trafficking, fraud, cybercrime (online child sexual exploitation and online payment fraud), facilitated illegal migration, counterfeit goods and organised property crime.

The collective results of the measures used in the operation “Archimedes include:

  • Over 1,000 individuals arrested throughout Europe;
  • Over 599 kg of cocaine and 200 kg of heroin seized;
  • Over 1,3 tons of cannabis seized;
  • 30 children saved from becoming potential victims of human trafficking.

Official Europol video:

Last updated: 29-12-2017