Joint Action Days 2015. Operation “Blue Amber”

The operation “Blue Amber” consisting of a series of international actions brought together law enforcement forces from 28 EU Member States, 32 non-EU countries and other international partners. The operation aimed at eradicating such crimes as drugs trafficking, irregular immigration, organised property crime and counterfeit goods, constituting priority crime areas within the framework of EMPACT (European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats). Coordinated actions took place throughout 2015 at airports, border-crossing points, ports and specific crime hot spots in towns and cities.

The outcomes of the measures used in the operation “Blue Amber” include:

  • Nearly 900 arrests relating to drug trafficking, property crime and facilitation of irregular immigration;
  • 263 arrests of fraudsters suspected of fraudulently purchasing flight tickets online using stolen or fake credit card data;
  • 5 tons of cocaine, 2,1 tons of cannabis, 280 kg of synthetic drugs and 82 kg of heroin seized;
  • 254 vehicles, more than 150 tons of counterfeit pesticides and almost EUR 140,000 in cash confiscated;
  • 1,400 tons of stolen metal seized.

Official Europol video:

Last updated: 29-12-2017