Joint Action Days 2016. Operation “Ciconia Alba”

Fifty-two countries and four international organisations, in cooperation with Europol, rallied their forces to deliver a major blow on organised crime groups operating throughout the European Union and outside the EU. Cooperation with representatives of the private sector was also of major importance to this successful operation. The operation focused on the disruption, prevention and control of crimes related to human trafficking for sexual exploitation, in particular for exploiting minors and children.

As part of the operation, law enforcement officers carried out THB related checks in red-light districts, brothels, massage parlours, private apartments, airports and immigration reception centres. The nationalities of the identified victims of human trafficking and the suspects arrested in the course of the operations, confirmed that trafficking networks originating in Nigeria, Asia and Eastern Europe are the most active in the EU.

Key operational outcome of the operation “Ciconia Alba”:

  • 449 investigations set up on the basis of the intelligence collected;
  • 314 suspects arrested in relation to cybercrime, trafficking in human beings, facilitation of illegal immigration and drug trafficking;
  • 529 human trafficking victims identified;
  • 745 illegal migrants intercepted;
  • 140 suspected fraudsters in possession of flight tickets fraudulently purchased online using stolen or fake credit card data, arrested;
  • 2,38 tons of cocaine seized;
  • EUR 181,550 seized;
  • 541,423 individuals and vehicles checked.

Official Europol video:

Last updated: 29-12-2017