Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau (LCPB)

Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau (“LCPB”) is the central criminal police authority of Lithuania which operates in the entire territory of the country. It is a modern specialised police agency capable of giving rapid response to incidents of all levels.

LCPB is primarily responsible for the prevention, disclosure and investigation of the following criminal offences:

  • The most serious and high-profile criminal offences;
  • Serious and very serious offences of interregional and international character;
  • Criminal offences that cause serious damage to the state or individuals;
  • Criminal offences committed by high-level organised crime groups;
  • Terrorist acts;
  • Serious and very serious offences related to drug trafficking;
  • Crimes against property, property rights, property interests, economy and business-related order and crimes against the financial system;
  • Cybercrime;
  • Other criminal offences.

Apart from being the national crime investigation authority, LCPB is tasked with coordination and controlling of activities of all ten county police headquarters of the country (in criminal intelligence and pre-trial investigation areas) and developing national crime reduction strategy.

In fulfilling its mission, LCPB actively cooperates with foreign countries and international organisations, conducts joint criminal investigations and organises cross-border joint police operations.

Promoting and coordinating cross-border cooperation between police and other law enforcement agencies of Lithuania and Interpol, Europol, SIRENE and other foreign law enforcement agencies is also among the key functions of LCPB.

As of 2015 LCPB undertook the organisation of criminal intelligence training thus building special competencies of criminal police officers of the whole country.

Last updated: 14-12-2023