International Operations

Terrorism, organised crime, trafficking in human beings, smuggling, drug trafficking and other serious criminal offences have crossed national borders and become a major risk factor and threat for international security a long time ago. Changes in crime are determined by constant globalisation processes, the development of computerisation, economic and business changes and other developments. As a result, crimes which were uncommon earlier, are increasingly emerging nowadays.

Unfortunately, the probability of spread of such threats and dangers is increasing and it has become evident that it is possible to overcome these dangers only by joining forces and acting in concert. Effective cooperation with foreign law enforcement authorities, well-timed information exchange and sharing best practices are requisite conditions for a successful fight with organised crime and transnational crime.

Participation of the Lithuanian police in unique cross-border operations covering the entire European Union (Joint Action Days or “JAD”) has become a perfect example of international cooperation. Lithuanian officers have taken part in JAD operations since 2014.The results of international operations simultaneously carried out in a large number of the European Union and third countries clearly demonstrate that teaming up, interagency cooperation and fluent arrangement of activities creates a powerful force in the prevention, fighting and finally, curbing organised crime.

Liaison officers of EU Member States’ law enforcement agencies and counterparts representing other international partners are responsible, during operations, for operational exchange of information and intelligence among national law enforcement agencies as well as for coordination of activities via 24/7 coordination centre based in Hague, Europol’s headquarters. Europol’s specialists and analysts provide their support both from Europol’s headquarters in Hague and in local coordination centres in EU Member States. In the course of every operation, forming part of Joint Action Days, officers target a particular crime area, for example, trafficking in human beings, cybercrime, drug trafficking, etc.

In Lithuania, the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau is responsible for coordination and control of the measures carried out as part of JAD cross-border operations, and the measures all through the territory of Lithuania are carried out with the support of criminal police officers of territorial divisions.

Last updated: 09-11-2023